The Importance of Preventative Dentistry

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The Importance of Preventative Dentistry

Does your 2018 to-do list include two visits to the dentist? If regular checkups aren't on your calendar, you may be putting your oral health preventative dentistryat risk. Chicago, IL, dentist Dr. Mark Gamalinda explains how preventative care can help you keep your smile healthy.

Why dental visits are so important

Tooth decay doesn't immediately produce any symptoms. In fact, by the time your tooth starts to hurt, your cavity may be very big. When you visit our Chicago office every six months, we can spot and treat small cavities before they can destroy large areas of your tooth. Treating cavities when they're small can help you avoid more extensive procedures in the future.

Cleanings are an important part of your dental checkups. Although brushing and flossing is an excellent way to keep your teeth clean, it may be difficult to brush away plaque if your teeth overlap even slightly. During your cleanings, special dental instruments will be used to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

Tartar is a hard, unsightly deposit that forms on your teeth if plaque isn't removed after as little 10 days. Brushing and flossing is an effective way to get rid of plaque, but it has no effect on tartar. Unfortunately, the longer it remains on your teeth, the greater your risk of gum disease. During your visit, we'll get rid of tartar deposits that mar your smile and increase your chances of developing gum disease.

Protecting your smile starts with good oral hygiene habits

In between dental visits, a good oral hygiene routine can help you avoid cavities and gum disease. The simplest way to avoid these issues is by brushing and flossing daily. Too many people don't spend enough time brushing. Experts recommend that you brush for at least two minutes if you want to get rid of plaque from every surface of your teeth. Don't forget to brush your tongue too.

Keep your smile bright and healthy with regular visits to Dr. Mark Gamalinda's Chicago, IL, office. Call (773) 334-1801 to schedule your appointment.